Why Travel With Us?

We Focus Solely on Cuba

We specialize in travel to Cuba for Americans, allowing us to focus on the nitty-gritty details of this spectacular destination and the changing nature of travel to the Caribbean island.

We’re a small group committed to travel to Cuba.

We love it so much, it’s all we do (and we believe that makes our tours that much better).

Not a tour person? Hey, neither are we. We believe in travel, not touring.

We focus on the people – you, and the Cubans you’ll meet – to create experiences that are unique and personal.

The options for what you can see, do, eat and experience are many – so many, they’re overwhelming.

Our team, together with our network of contacts, know the best places,

the out-of-the-way places, and the unforgettable places that make your Cuban experience unlike any other.

We're Cuban Experts
Our staff and contacts live and breathe Cuba.
All have traveled to Cuba for years, or are Cuban-born and reside on the island now.
We Go Local
Our tours move off-the-beaten path and provide authentic and transformative travel experiences.
We Make Travel to Cuba Simple
Travel to Cuba is still complicated and we make it easy for you.